Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The other night at class was a "welcome to the real world" sort of night. Every time I go to this particular class, I feel as if my mind becomes slightly more polluted by the things said within the classroom by fellow students. However, the other night was exceptionally discouraging. I was running on about 4 hours of sleep and had been there all day. So, naturally, everything seemed a little worse to begin with.

Several topics were discussed that I am adamantly opposed to and cannot listen to without growing frustrated. On top of our discussion about gay rights, my friend in the class informed me (before class began) that she is having some family problems and explained in detail what they were. This caused my heart to feel even heavier and sadder. Then in my text book there is this picture of a kid getting torn from his adopted parents' arms and taken by his biological father after 4 years of living with his adoptive parents (and not knowing that this biological father even existed). The kid is crying and I imagine the adoptive parents were too. That made my heart hurt even further. Family law is a complicated and sad area of the law (mostly) and my class seems to be experiencing the different aspects of it in their own personal lives. Most of them have been in a court room before.

Halfway through the class, one of the students showed up and handed in her paper (causing a slight whisper to go around the class) and my teacher asked, "Are you alright?" And standing there with a little shake in her posture, she replied, "No, not really." But, then she left and class resumed.

It was just a very bizare ending to an extremely long day. I'm at school on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 8:50 p.m. I am glad there are only 3 more weeks left of that routine.


  1. Oh man, my wednesdays are not quite as bad as yours but I know what you mean! For this whole semester on Wednesdays I've had to be at school from 9am to 6pm then head to bed to be at work by 330am on Thurs...

    Needless to say some pretty good stress-induced sobbing!

    :-) I know being in the world is so discouraging, just think what a blessing you are to the hurting people out there who don't know The King. Shine on!! and yes....almost done with school!

  2. This world is a very sad place. I have always just assumed everyone was happy and content, but the more I learn of it and see problems in the lives around me (especially people that I know personally) it makes me very sad.

    Like Linnea said, hope in Jesus. He is the only hope worth living for.

  3. My Dears-this makes me sad b/c I know the stage you're at. That time of life when you discover(b/c you all had a loving, godly upbringing) that the world is full of corruption, chaos, hurt, and just plain dirtiness. You become a little jaded after a while, but then, hopefully, you rejoice b/c you begin to see even clearer why Jesus came- to save, to heal, to make whole, to bring justice, to give joy and life abundant to all those you see hurting around you. Press on in His name and in His POWER!