Monday, March 29, 2010

Dull moment.

6 more hours left of the workday. Thankfully, it is a wonderful day to be inside. For the past 3 hours, I've been sitting here listening to the peacefully constant dripping of rain on my windows. Lately, there hasn't been much for me to do, which has provided me ample time to count the panels on the ceiling and walls. It can get extremely dull just "twiddling my thumbs." As a result, I resort to things such as blogging to "kill" the time.

One week until spring break. Then four more weeks and I'll get to "walk (the condition precedent being that I pass Family Law)." I'm not too worried. The end of the tunnel is in sight. Time goes by so incredibly fast.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lewwws beach

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 -

I skipped night class in order to enjoy the bright & sunny 67 degree day outside with Andrew. Without a doubt, it was worth it. We walked and biked and talked, ate ice cream and drove with our windows down.

I'm not generally a "bad student" who only shows up to the minimum amount of classes necessary to pass the class. No, quite the opposite- this is the first class I have missed this semester. My opinion is that class should be attended. However, I'm also a wild enthusiast of warmer weather and Andrew. So, for once, that superseded the lecture.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is coming.

Yesterday, Andrew and I took advantage of the slightly warmer weather and went canoeing. We have been itching to do something outside. So, we borrowed a canoe from Josh and pushed off his dock around 3 p.m. Josh was glad to have a brief respit from working and tagged along for a while in his kayak. The scenery was an assortment of browns and was rather dead looking compared to the vibrant and flourishing scences of summer when the pond is spotted by myriads of green lily pads. But, the reflections were gorgeous and there were wildlife inhabitants around to watch. Each season has its own beauty. Andrew educated me on some of the names of birds I saw and answered many of my questions regarding their habits and lifestyles. It was very peaceful and relaxing to be breathing in the fresh air and gliding on top of water. I look forward to the summer to come where more of these trips can be made in much warmer weather.