Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's a date.

The other night, my husband took me out on a date! The weather forecast predicted 80% chance of rain; but, we went with the 20%. The underdog won. Instead of getting rained out, we had a perfectly cool evening with a beautiful view of some amazing looking clouds. The "chance" of rain just added a little bit of excitement to the evening, especially since our table was located outdoors. The hostess told us that we would have an hour and forty-five minute wait. And, since we had nothing better to do, we decided to wait and enjoy each others company. Well, the "hour and forty-five minutes" flew by - it turned out to be only a thirty minute wait! Rejoicing at our good fortune, we sat down in a cheery mood. The evening continued to go our way as we both ordered delicious meals and gobbled them up. Then, we strolled down the boardwalk eating a small bucket of Fisher's caramel popcorn, commenting on the array of people going past. And to top off the evening, we walked down a few streets to see one of Andrew's old friends, who was bar tending at "Wild Bill's," which turned out to be an ironic name choice since it was anything but "wild." I have to admit that I was somewhat curious because I have never been to a bar. However, what a disappointment - no wild fights, loud music, or scantily clad women. Just a couple of old men staring at the game on TV drinking away the night. Poor souls. I was very thankful to be next to the love of my life and be able to share the evening with him. It was quite the treat. I'm looking forward to next time. (-:
Andrew wanted to take my picture and I asked him why.
"...because you look so beautiful."
Aw, you make me feel beautiful, Andrew Philip. (-:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2 months ago.

I just received my professional wedding pictures today. I was excited to look through them and see what I had missed of the day. From when I was a child until the day I got married, I dreamt of being the gorgeous bride dressed in white (or ivory in this case). However, I am very critical of myself and disliked all the pictures of my "bad" side. Nevertheless, everyone else looks terrific - including my handsome husband.

This one of Mason is absolutely adorable:

and here is my handsome husband:

pretty shot of us walking indoors:

one of the few of my "good" side:

precious Elizabeth and I:

Andrew and his boys:

us & our pastors:

my parents & Andrew's:

my entire family: