Sunday, May 8, 2011


In my previous post, I mentioned how shoots of grass were popping up in our yard. Well, look at it now:
It was getting a little too long. In fact, our neighbor came and cut it for us. The same neighbor also gave us a house warming gift. See the below fern. Since then, we have bought dwarf trees, lantana, marigolds, begonia, and other plants that require watering, sun & soil. Andrew and I had a good ole' time planting them. We hope they live.

To our delight, our master bedroom furniture arrived a few weeks ago. Below are three pictures of the bedroom completely furnished. We bought the rugs at Bed, Bath & Beyond and the furniture was a floor set at Johnny Janosik. It had a few dents and scratches. However, that is bound to happen anyway. So, it didn't matter to us!

The other day, we hung a few pictures. I'm especially excited about the three I hung in the kitchen. The white frames are from Ikea and I adore how they compliment the white trim. The first picture is of a sunset we witnessed one night at Roaring Point, the second one is of the "suicidal duck" in front of Niagara Falls, and the third one is of the sunset and bridge in New York the night Andrew proposed to me. Dear to my heart. Also, please note the rug in front of the sink - Aunt Suzanne gave that to me as a wedding gift after I had eyed it in a store while shopping with her. How surprising and sweet!

And here is our office:

And this is me and my chaperone...

She is extremely excited about our new home.