Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As some of you have probably heard me mention before, I used to write only in pencil. As a perfectionist, I could not handle writing in pen. If I made a mistake, that meant starting all over; whereas, with a pencil, I could just erase. Well, a couple years ago, my mom brought me home this:
Ever since this addition to my supplies, my world has changed. I have now almost 100% moved on to using pens. In fact, I have found that writing with a pen (especially while doing schoolwork) puts less strain on my hand. Plus, it leaves a more permanent mark. But, at the same time, that mark can be wited-out, if necessary. Consequently, I am very thankful for this tool.

In fact, I was just doing some statistics homework (and making mistakes) and this little bugger saved my paper.

Thanks, mom.

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  1. Wow. Well that made me smile. And teary at the same time. Wow. Thanks for sharing that. Brightened my day! Love you.