Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sometimes I get an itsy-bitsy bit jealous when I read about how crafty and resourceful all my married friends have become. Once Faith married off, she became an amazing quilter and cook. Marie sews a wide array of amazing articles, and Christy makes candles. My other sister draws and paints handmade cards. Also, upon request, she can paint amazing canvases to hang in your home! Once Anna married off, her hidden talents remained hidden. Instead of blooming into an amazing artist or handy-woman, I settle for buying my curtains instead of making them, and contributing nothing to my little household made by me. But, that is okay. Maybe my secret talent is to be the customer for everyone else!

On that note, I would really like a handmade tree-skirt for my Christmas tree to use for years to come.

Also, I would like a wooden coat hanger/bench for my entryway. Are there any wood crafters out there?

Oh, oh, and I wouldn't mind another colorful table runner too.

Ok, that is all (for now). Meanwhile, I will try to come up with some sort of talent that will earn me some $$$ so that I can pay for it all.


  1. You are wonderful just the way you are! You have always been a very giving person (all your coins to the missionaries staying at our house when you were about 3, fantastic gifts and surprise parties for your friends all through your youth, always looking for something special to give to someone, and you continue to bless others with your loving generosity and thoughtful gifts!) Also, I think you are a great hostess--gift of hospitality-and making your home warm and welcoming and beautiful and a peaceful haven; you know how to decorate and put clothes together that look stylish--your photographs are superb--and I could go on and on; most importantly, you are beautiful inside--the Lord is just shining through as you are growing in Him! Love you! (And I'm sorry I don't have that crafty gene either...but you are creative in so many other ways!)

  2. Haha-I love your honesty, Anna. I, too, struggle with "craftiness".I've done a few things that I'm fairly proud of but to do them was like pulling teeth-VERY painful! (I'll tell you soon about my latest project:)
    When I was in my "sewing" phase, my husband BEGGED me to give it up b/c it cost us too much money:) I long ago decided I was a better shopper too:-)
    (And I'm with your mom-you DEFINITELY have a creative flair and a gift for "putting things together" beautifully)!

  3. You and me, both, sister. :P

    We should just host another little kid art class. Ha ha ha.

    But for real - we can't all be sellers, some of us have to be buyers. ;)

  4. 1. I'd venture a guess that your beautiful photographs have decorated as many (or more) walls than any of my paintings have ever done.

    2. You may have been too young to remember this - but both Faith and I took a week-long basic sewing class when we were younger. That's probably all you need to get started; have someone teach you a few basics. I'm not very good at sewing, it takes a little too much patience and precision for me.

    3. If you want to be crafty, start with some simple crafts! I suggest making some festive paper snowflakes for your home. You can google directions for making beautiful ones; here's one I'm going to try soon:

  5. 1. Your pictures also grace many facebook profile pictures and are some of my favorites from my wedding.

    2. Don't let anyone else make you a tree skirt or I will be super jealous.

    3. I forgot all about that class that we took. I am not sure that is where I learned most of my skills. I would have to say I remember the most from what Dad taught me on the old sewing machine you pumped with your leg. And the rest of the sewing I know came from Mrs. Shelton. Plus, she has given me all the good tooling to use for sewing. I will give you a lesson sometime... maybe over Christmas break when I have nothing planned.

    4. I wish I could take pictures and paint. Sewing is an expensive hobby and you can't make money from it. I need a money making hobby... I am still waiting to find that. I wish I could own a bed and breakfast!!! That is my dream someday.

  6. you may not have a "craft", but you excel at an art.

    last time i checked, photography was an acceptable art:)

    turns out that sewing is still stuck in the "craft" category. and yes, as everyone above has mentioned, it is expensive. i had to dedicate years to trying to source the best deals and eventually figure out how to make money with fabric. it's working, but the overhead to get there is WOW!

    not to be a talent hoarder, but i wish i could take a decent photograph without a struggle. turns out, that is what it takes to sell anything online. people equate a poor photo with a poor product...your secret hidden talent is what most of us crafty ladies need most:)