Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2 months ago.

I just received my professional wedding pictures today. I was excited to look through them and see what I had missed of the day. From when I was a child until the day I got married, I dreamt of being the gorgeous bride dressed in white (or ivory in this case). However, I am very critical of myself and disliked all the pictures of my "bad" side. Nevertheless, everyone else looks terrific - including my handsome husband.

This one of Mason is absolutely adorable:

and here is my handsome husband:

pretty shot of us walking indoors:

one of the few of my "good" side:

precious Elizabeth and I:

Andrew and his boys:

us & our pastors:

my parents & Andrew's:

my entire family:


  1. um, you're one of the most gorgeous girls I know! Your photos are beautiful, and we were blessed to share your day!

  2. Anna, you don't have a "bad" side, girl!! :) You were by far one of the most gorgeous brides I've ever seen! Love you!