Thursday, November 4, 2010

I volunteered Stephanie to be my subject for some random pictures today without checking to see if rain was in the forecast. Despite the wet weather, Stephanie was a real trooper and showed up with cutie-patootie Mason. Not only did I drag Stephanie and Mason out into the rain, I also brought along Hope who dutifully attempted to hold the umbrella over my camera as I moved around. It didn't work out very well. But, Stephanie and Mason were such great sports and a somewhat water-logged camera is not a big deal. Thank you, Stephanie for being crazy enough to come out and let me take pictures of you. One of the reasons I asked you to be my subject was because you don't take a bad picture, which makes it very easy for me.

Can I please be this beautiful of a mother someday?

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  1. These pictures are beautiful. You are the best photographer. And you capture people so well.