Friday, November 12, 2010

Port ten.

With the frigid air blowing directly against us, Andrew and I soared over the Lewes waters for probably the final time this year. It was quite a bit colder than our summer boat trips and we ended up in a huddled mass behind the wind breaker on the boat as the sun slowly began to set.

As the light dimmed, everything seemed to get extremely quiet and peaceful. The water reflected the colors of the sunset and was perfectly still until our boat ripped through it causing ripples to trickle out. The story-book description of "glassy" was a perfect adjective for the way the water looked as we glided along. Even though we were shivering, I wouldn't have traded those moments for a warm fire because I was with my Pilot and he was showing me one of the prettiest sights in the world.

My pictures do not do the views justice.


  1. The pictures look great to me! wow. Love to see and hear your thankfulness, too.

  2. Sounds amazing! :) thanks for sharing...the winter here is breathtaking(in more ways than one!) and I bet you could take some wonderful photographs! *hint hint*