Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fire in the house!

Shortly after I woke up this morning, I moseyed on downstairs and peeked into our fireplace. To my dismay, it was dark and cold. So, I took the empty bin, slipped Luke's over sized shoes on my feet, and trudged outside to the woodpile. I sorted through the precariously perched wood in an effort to find dry pieces and after having filled my bin, I brought it back inside with less ease as bringing it out afforded. Then, I returned to the outdoors to hunt for some twigs to use as kindling - a handy piece of information taught to me by my brother after I failed at making my first few fires. After having gathered some sticks, I went inside and stacked four pieces of wood into the fireplace in a log cabin shape - a handy piece of information taught to me by my Eagle Scout boyfriend, a.k.a. Andrew. Then, with patience I didn't realize I had, I sat there for the next half hour watching the little flame leap into a bigger flame and then engulf the four pieces of wood. It's mesmerizing staring at a fire - especially one that you built and brought to life. After the coals were blazing red and the flames high enough, I settled into the recliner nearby with some cran-grape juice and began working on my homework - toasty as toasty can be.

In my future home, I want a fireplace and not just one that you can turn on with a button. I want the entire experience from stacking the wood to seeing it burn a year later in your fireplace.

Mmm, mmm... yeah!

And because my Blog posts are boring w/o pictures, I'll feature Tiger today:


  1. I love making fires too. The whole process becomes well worth it once the fire is cranking and starts to warm up the room. There is something about that crackling and popping sound that completes a home on a cold fall/winter day. The cat lying in front of that fire in a comfortable chair is an added bonus too.

  2. First of all I enjoy fires very very much. Second, I enjoy your pictures.
    Third, I enjoy reading your thoughts on your blog more though.
    Fourth, I get to see you soon:)

  3. This post makes me cozy!
    It is twenty degrees right now, next week the forecast says the high will be five:/ we have no fireplace in our downtown apartment. BUT when I need cozying, i'll just re-read this:)
    Thanks! Miss you!

  4. More thankfulness: I am thankful that not only have I been married to the most wonderful, Godly man for almost 27 years (and we enjoy the same past times and love God and our family and friends more than anything and we enjoy each other after all these years...and more), but I am thankful also that we have heated all of our homes we have lived in with WOOD heat all these years! Nothing like it. Nothing takes the chill out of the bones like wood fire. And I even enjoy the preparation for it, splitting and stacking the wood! outside, again. Thanks be to God for this ability and gift!

  5. Oh, and I would be remiss not to say that I am also thankful for older children who are now stepping up and not only bringing wood in, but MAKING the fires and keeping them going! Thanks, all!

  6. As my friend Bertram Wooster would say, "Pardon me for mentioning, Ladies. But the house is on fire."