Saturday, February 27, 2010

Church history in the making.

Miss Mary asked me if I'd assist her in documenting our church's history by photographing different events and my response was in the affirmative. I have a camera and I sort of know how to use it. So, if I can use that to benefit the church, I’m up for it. However, so far, I've contributed nothing and should be punished cruelly.

Last night, I made an effort to do my job and take a few pictures at the mission’s conference. It was the first evening, which normally consists of a meal followed by the speakers. Consequently, it's a more laid back environment and a good time to float around and take some shots of people eating and fellowshipping.

Scroll down and observe some faces that were at our 2010 missions conference:


  1. Anna, these are so perfect and great! It was a joy for me to see these because I often miss this blessed Church that I spent 8 years with!

    I also love the picture of Jared and Jack! I miss them alot too! I sometimes am so consumed with my little nuclear family here (Me, Ben, EG, Hannah and Patrick) that I forget just for a second about my amazing brothers. (not that I ACTUALLY ever forget about them, because I miss them so much!)

    anyway, good for you for using your talents in service to your Church!

  2. I think you captured "church life" very well! (You even made the sanctuary look good). I think the church family 100 YEARS FROM NOW will be fascinated with the photos and subjects you've taken!

  3. these photos made my day. thanks!