Friday, August 28, 2009

Keep them alive.

This semester promises to be a challenge. The little nervous butterflies in my stomach surfaced on the first day in math class. In my legal classes I had become fully confident in my ability to give the correct answer anytime I was called on. In fact, I'd get excited whenever the opportunity presented itself to begin discussing the topic because I had my footing and I knew what I was talking about. But, with nursing (especially when it involves math), I'm an amateur and who knew that the armpit was called the axillary? Not me. But, I am studying hard in an effort to regain my ground and be able to master both being a paralegal and a nurse. The sky is the limit. I love having options and I enjoy learning. However, my favorite class this year is my legal class simply because I am familiar with it. But, I am slowly learning about the anatomical position and math equations as well. On my first day of class in Clinical Math, my teacher said that getting 3/100 questions wrong on a test was like seriously injuring or killing three patients. That puts it into perspective. 100/100 correct is what we're aiming for--you have to keep them alive! The catch is... staying alive during all this studying. Not just alive physically (Chocolate & Dr. Peppers take care of that), but mentally and spiritually. Where are my priorities? Textbooks are important to read. But, how about the Bible?

I am listening to a song called "The Reel" and now I want to learn how to dance it. It would be fantastic to learn 5 or 6 real dances. Teach me?

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  1. Wow. You amaze me. You are so smart. Learning a new subject is a little daunting, but I know you are going to be so great. :) I love you.