Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It was clearly an exit line.

"Let's see if I 'm making an infernal fool of myself, or whether there's something in my idea."
In Mr. Satterthwaite's opinion, the former alternative was by far the more probable, but he was much too polite to say so.

I read a book today. I finally remembered to bring one to work for those lulls in the day when I have nothing to do and am tired of the computer screen straining my eyes. Sarah lent me an Agatha Christie book and I enjoyed the read. It beats Facebooking, Blogging, or the other frivolous activities on the Internet which I engage in from time to time. That is because I find other people's words much more clever than my own.

A word I learned from the book:
Quiescence: the quality or state of being quiescent.
Quiescent: 1. marked by inactivity or repose: tranquilly at rest
2. Causing no trouble or symptoms (quiescent gallstones)


  1. I am reading a great book right now which I will lend to you when I am finished.

  2. I need a new book. Just finished one and I hate it when there's not another to turn to.
    Thought: I feel guilty if I sit and read during the day-as though I am being unproductive. WHY don't I feel this way over the hours I sit at the computer???

  3. I read this post a little while ago, And when i read it this time, the begining looked like it had been changed. . . Has it?